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Uplift Energy Mist | Flaurae

Designer: Flaurae

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Uplift Energy Mist | Flaurae

Realistically, we can’t expect to wake up feeling happy and positive every day, we’re all humans after all. However, prolonged periods of emotional stress and tension is no way to live life. This Uplift Energy Mist is filled with a unique combination of essential oils that will help you fight the blues and feel more energetic on the days when your bed looks extra inviting.

Discover the Uplift Energy Mist Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil: Helps soothe your nerves when you need a good night’s rest
Rosewood Essential Oil: Makes it easier to release mental clutter by calming your mind
Bergamot Essential Oil: Helps lower cortisol levels, which will make life seem less stressful
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Lifts your mood in those moments when you need an extra mental boost