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Mother Nauture

The Cutest Bundle Ever | Baby Bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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The cutest Bundle ever | Baby Bundle by Eco Products 4 You is a collection of Sweet colors, adorable characters, and enchanting crystal to make any heart melt.
Included in this fun and quirky is a combination of delightful colors, a captivating book, and our mother and baby crystal set for the nursey.
Dusk Organic Muslin Wrap | Snuggle Hunny Kids $36.95
The soft multi-use grey lilac Dusk baby wrap is made from the finest quality Organic Cotton Muslin. Lightweight, breathable measuring 120 cm x 120 cm. This large wrap can be used as a Baby swaddle, pram blanket, lightweight blanket, comforter, nursing shields, or change mat. and easy to use. They are super soft and gentle on the baby’s skin.  A simple and beautiful way to swaddle your baby. 
Fig Dribble Bandana Bib | Snuggle Hunny Kids $14.95

Add extra style and help keep your infant's outfit clean and dry with this enchanting Bandana Dribble BibDesigned to look less like a bib and more like a trendy accessory, beautiful and practical, Featuring Two adjustable easy snap buttons with a soft, absorbent terry backing.

Lavender Pacifier | Hevea Planet $19.95
Inspired by the magnificent scent of blooming flowers near the warm Pacific coast on a sweet afternoon. Part of the new colourful range of pacifier by Hevea Planet, they are the first in the world that is both 100% plastic-free and colourful. Completely plant-based, made out of 100% natural rubber and FDA approved natural colour pigments. This pacifier has a silky smooth touch and is gentle on the baby's face and teeth, but still resistant to bites.
Features are size 3-6 months Teat: Orthodontic Cut-out Design: Flower
The Cutest Thing Ever | Amy Ignatow  $19.95
This adorable and hilarious picture book filled with the cutest things imaginable This wacky, imaginative picture book sets out to answer a big question: Wanna see the cutest thing EVER? Just when you think you've seen it, there's more! Is it a kitten? A unicorn? Bunny astronauts? These things are cute, but are they really the cutest thing ever? After being paraded through a colorful world of cuteness, young readers will discover a mirror on the final page, which reflects the actual cutest thing ever and makes them shout-it's me! With charming illustrations and laugh-out-loud text, The Cutest Thing Ever is a fun read-aloud for parents and children to share together.
Your Crystal set for your babies nursery
When a child is first brought into this world, the environment around them is very stimulating. Everything around them is new, and every sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste is a shock to their fragile nervous system. It is a vulnerable time for baby while they adjust to the intense energies of the world, and crystals can energetically work with them to help this integration be as smooth as possible.
Amethyst Cluster | Crystal Warriors $12.95
A master healing stone, this offers soothing and calming energy, protecting babies from the new energies they are exposed to outside of the protection of the womb. This can help promote more restful sleep.
For Mother: Relieves anxiety by reasserting boundaries and objectivity.
Rose Quartz mini Generator | Crystal Warriors $6.95

Rose quartz soothes this survival energy that a baby may feel during this vulnerable time, allowing the baby to feel that there is a strong energy of love around them at all times. The loving energy of rose quartz helps babies feel emotionally balanced. Placing rose quartz crystals under or near a crib or help newborns drift off into a calm, happy sleep. It will also help them absorb the feeling of love as they sleep, making them feel secure even when you are not physically with them. 

For Mother: This helps you form a strong and healthy attachment to your baby, so nursing or rocking your baby near rose quartz is very healing. 

Rainbow Moonstone tumbles stone | Crystal Warriors $6.00

A crystal that is great for peace and calm. Moonstone is a very feminine stone carrying the serene energies or the moon. It is said to prevent nightmares and help children with sleeping problems establish a regular sleep pattern.

For Mother: Moonstone can help with morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy. It has soothing energy, easing fear, tension, and stress, making it perfect for impending mothers. During labour, it is believed to help aid contractions. After birth, it is known as a supportive stone for healthy lactation.