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Home of Crystal Warriors by zizou

The Bundle of Endless Possibilities for babies

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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The Bundle of Endless Possibilities for babies by Eco Products 4 You This irresistible bundle of empowerment captivating colours and sweetness is the baby version of our power child version, which shows children that there are endless possibilities to life, It shows you to have trust within yourself, Life is a beautiful adventure filled with love, courage, and hope.

With have added to this already adorable bundle some eye-catching ruby coloured items.

What is included in this bundle

Organic Muslin Wrap in Ruby | Snuggle Hunny Kids $36.95

This gorgeous Ruby Organic Muslin wrap is by Snuggle Hunny Kids. A multi-use Ruby coloured baby wrap is made from the finest organic cotton muslin and it is lightweight and easy to use. 

Top Knot Headband |  Snuggle Hunny Kids $14.95

This  Top Knot Headband is made from Merino Wool and is suitable up to the ages of 4 years, making this a piece you will love and cherish for years to come.

Petra | Marianna Copes $14.95

Is Petra a mountain? An egg? An island? Who knows! She's a rock and this is how she rolls.

The humorous adventures of an irresistible little rock, who finds herself constantly in changing circumstances, Petra is a picture book that celebrates the power of perspective and believing in yourself. 

Labradorite Jumbo Tumbler | Crystal Warriors by zizou $14.95

This crystal forms a barrier to negative energies. Not only does it bear an uncanny resemblance to petra but it releases fears & insecurities. Gives faith in self and trust in the universe. Stone of transformation and can bring your dreams into reality.

Ruby Pacifier | Hevea Planet $19.95

This breathtaking pacifier is from the new range of colourful pacifiers by Hevea Planet. It is completely plant-based, made from 100% natural rubber and FDA-approved natural colour pigments. It is naturally non-toxic and free from baddies, as well as being biodegradable!

The Ruby Pacifier has flower cut out. Pacifier has a smooth touch and is gentle on the baby's face and teeth, but still resistant to bites. Easy to clean in hot water and totally hygienic due to its seamless design.

Good for baby and good for the planet

Sweet dreams are made of these, knowing these natural dummies are a safe and natural solution

Feature: 3-6 months Teat: Orthodontic Cut-out Design: Flowers

Organic Singlet & Bib | Fibre for Good $35.90

Made from organic ONCC naturally coloured cotton that has made this outfit the softest and most comforting piece of clothing you have touched. Not only is it free from any nasties but due to its beautiful shade of natural white occurring naturally, it has not gone through the traditional bleaching methods since in most white clothing today's market.

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