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Mother Nauture

Sunflower Kisses | zizou Baby Bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Sunflower Kisses | zizou Baby Bundle by Eco Products 4 You

You will be showering your little sunflower with kisses and sunset hugs when they are wearing this adorable outfit. 

Let us explore this bundle

 Sunflower Kisses Snuggle Bug Baby blanket | zizou $29.95

This enchanting baby sunflower blanket is a beautiful little friend that will grow with your child.

A great friend that can be a security blanket, teether, and plush all in one.

The design is unisex and in a breathtaking sunflower print. You can style your buddies hair in many styles, Dread Locks, headscarf and down and free.

Made from soft cotton cloth and eco-friendly vegetable dyes, organic cotton filling.

Sunflower Kisses Beachwood Teether | zizou $18.95

This teether is part of the Sunflower Kisses range by zizou. Made out of Beachwood and soft eco-friendly vegetable-dyed cotton, This teether is not only the cutest thing you see but perfect for your baby. fabric is made removal, allowing for easy washing.

Natural white Bib & Beanie | Fibre for Good $35.90

This beautiful Beanie and Bib set in natural white are made from organic cotton to create the softest of touches. 

 About their cotton Fibre for Good uses organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC), which grows in three naturally occurring colours, so it doesn’t need bleaching or dying or chemicals added to make the fabric colourfast. In fact, ONCC fabric has a tendency to deepen in colour over time. Mother Nature is entirely responsible for the colours of our cotton. The strength of the cotton colour can be a bit like the vintage of a wine, affected by a range of growing conditions. That’s why our garments may have minor hue shifts and a subtle ‘marle’ look – and why we say that they come in ‘shades’ of Winter White, Sage and Wheat.

Clear Quartz Cluster | Crystal Warriors by zizou $12.95
The most powerful healer and amplifier, excellent fr blockages of all kinds. Aids sleep. Dispels all negative emotions and brings positive responses.
Healing Properties: Master Healer, immune system, skin conditions, cellular disorders, fine-tunes metabolism, and endocrine system.

How to use Place your clear quartz cluster near the window, so that the sun's rays will reflect onto it can be a source of fascination for your child for you little one