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Soothing snuggles | Children Bundles

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Soothing Snuggles | Children's Bundle of comfort  A comforting and nurturing bundle for children, inspired by my 6-year old son and his love for the Beautiful Organic wrap/Blanket which he calls his soothing blanket.

This bundle is literally a bundle of snuggles, Aimed to bring your child a sense of love and appreciation and last but not least snuggles. This incredibly soft bundle includes Fibre For Good Organic Blanket which goes perfectly with the Little Butterfly book by Laura Logan. An enchanting, heartwarming book that ignites your imagination.  The angelic and loving energy emitted by the powerful yet gentle beautiful Pink Apophyllite cluster.

This bundle is a beautiful Mindfulness gift to give a child, It is a wonderful aid in letting your child feel loved and nurtured, can assist in establishing a bedtime routine, or introducing your children to the magical world of mindfulness and self-love.

Past Trauma A wonderful bundle if your child has been through some emotional | physical ups and downs.

Let Explore Soothing Snuggles a little more

Pink Apophyllite crystal Cluster  $14.95 Promoting the feelings of contentment, caring, and tenderness, Pink Apophyllite brings angelic energy into space, making it a wonderful addition to a child's bedroom or place of thought and meditation. It omits energy of warmth such as a gentle hug. Calming, compassion- promoting, and very heart-healing, this stone adds more love and kindness into your life.

Anxiety and Stress Apophyllite is also known to soothe feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry. This powerful yet gentle crystal helps calm the anxious minds in times of stress.

How to use

Sit quietly with your Apo-phy-llite crystal in your hands. You can do this in your bed before sleep time, or sitting down on your snuggle blanket or placing your snuggle blanket on your lap.

Breath in deeply, imaging yourself inhaling all of its love, as you breathe out, imagine any sadness, worry, anger that you may have coming out of your mouth and flying away leaving you feeling peaceful. Each time you breathe in, feel this love and tell yourself

I am Loved

I am Special

This crystal will bring you peace and calmness whilst it hugs your heart with love

and remember that you are unique and special.

Little Butterfly | Laura Loga $24.95

This is a story of a young girl, a simple act of kindness, and a magical, once-in-a-lifetime journey. In this wordless picture book, Laura Logans sweet and surprising illustrations tell an extraordinary tale of compassion rewarded and the wonder of nature.

A Truly Heartfelt and bonding experience This book allows you to engage in a magical storytime journey with your child, where you discuss what you see in the picture and what you may feel is happening, it is heartwarming, It actually made me a bit emotional as its bring out your and your child's own interpretation of things and it was beautiful to hear this in my sons own words. This is a beautiful bonding experience between an adult and a child.

Now for the amazing Soothing snuggle Blanket

This is actually part of the Fibre For Good baby range but because of its size my son is in love with it, He takes it on the couch, in his bed and he sits on it when he does his breathing activities.

Organic Muslin Blanket | Fibre For Good $39.95

This amazing organic blanket is so thick and soft, And just like in the book your child can wrap it around their shoulders whilst you explore the story of Little Butterfly. The organic muslin cotton allows your child skin to breathe so it all great for diverse weather settings or situations. We love to incorporate it in our crystal mediations and it provides a sense of comfort and grounding when your child closes there eyes. Not to mention it is amazingly priced for the size and thickness.

Size: 120 x 120