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Peaceful Piggy Meditation | Eco Childrens Bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Peaceful Piggy Meditation | Eco Children's Bundle by Eco Products 4 You provides children with the tools needed to learn to meditate, create mindful moments, and get in tune with their emotions.

Meditation for Children Meditation is wonderful for children and can be a helpful tool that enables children to learn to pause and connect with their inner self on a deeper level. Allowing them to better understand and manage emotions, body responses, and exterior situations.

Children brains are still developing, and because of this, their brains absorb quickly, Their mind is like a sponge. Meditation can teach children how they can better understand what they are feeling and teach their mind to process things in a positive approach.

Combining Meditation, crystals, affirmation cards can be a positive and uplifting wat to assist children to build confidence, self-love, and control within themself allowing them to venture out in this world and reach their full potential.

Let us Explore this Bundle

Peaceful Piggy Meditation | Kerry Lee Maclean  $16.99

What can you do when you’re mad, sad, or anxious? Find a quiet spot, sit, and breathe. When you meditate every day, your mind stays happy, and even bad days are a little easier. This is a beautiful book that introduces children to how they can meditate when they find themselves in different situations. You will also find some simple activities at the back of the book that you can do with your child.

Aura Warrior Junior Bracelet | Crystal Warriors $24.95

A real guardian angel. With its nurturing and protective powers, Aura Warrior maintains and brings emotional calmness. Surrounding you with a safe, comforting, and loving aura.

Size: Junior 14cm  Gemstones chosen:

Rainbow Moonstone | Citrine | Aquamarine

Labradorite | Smokey Quartz

Fluorite Generator | Crystal Warriors $39.95

Fluorite is home to rainbows and invites positive and calming energy in. When we aren’t using our fluorite point for meditation, we can place it on a windowsill where it is out of reach and it brings beautiful rainbows into the room. Fluorite is also known to neutralize negative energy and restore balance and order.

Using crystals for kids will create a daily routine that can be done every evening to prepare the kids for bedtime. It can also be used whenever your kids may need additional calming energy. Teaching children meditation will foster healthy habits, positive thinking, and tranquility. We’ve seen just how mesmerized children are by the crystals and how it has connected them to their imagination, peacefulness, and well-being by holding and using them.

Approx : 8 cm height x 4 cm - 6 point

Mindful Moments | Omya Spot $24.95

Bring a gentle awareness to every present moment.

This collection of 54 exercises encourages child-led mindfulness. This collection of simple breathing techniques are mindfully designed to develop clarity, patience, and composure for future minds. Each 'Mindful Moment' provides an opportunity for children to learn to regulate their emotions and find calm.

Worry Dolls | Guatemalan Worry Dolls  $6.00

An old story tells that when the Mayan People of Guatemala had worries, they would tell them to the worry people. At night they would place them under their pillows and when they awoke, the worry people had taken their worries away.