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Mother Nauture

Mindful Moments | Children's bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Mindful Moment by Eco Products 4 You is a bundle created, to give children the tools they need to create a safe place, learn self-love, and feel the presence of external love and peace by creating an aura of comfort and love. A wonderful kit for any child, especially a child that has been through some emotional instability, suffered a loss or experienced recent trauma.

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Blue Calcite Dome | Crystal Warrior  $34.95

A wonderful stone for peace, communication, pain, and stress relief. Blue calcite is a stone that soothes frayed nerves, calms anxiety, and eases physical pain. It’s a strong stone for those recuperating from illness. As blue calcite powerfully clears negative energies, it encourages rest and relaxation. In children, it can reduce the severity and frequency of tantrums. It brings clarity and calm to all communications and It helps calm tempers. How to use One of the most magical properties of blue calcite is its ability to work from a distance. It purifies and cleanses energies, including the clearing of old energetic patterns within the surrounding space. You don’t even need to have the stone in your hands for its magic to stimulate change. Meditation you can place your dome in the palms of your hands whilst you meditate Room Place in your room to fill your bedroom with peace.

Aura Warrior Junior Bracelet | Crystal Warriors by zizou $24.95

A real guardian angel, With its nurturing and protective powers. Aura Warrior brings emotional calmness, surrounding you with a safe, comforting, and loving aura.

Rainbow Moonstone | Citrine | Aquamarine | Labradorite | Smokey Quartz

Size: Junior 14 cm

Mindful Moments | Omya Spot $24.95

To bring a gentle awareness to every present moment

This collection of 54 simple breathing techniques have been mindfully designed to develop clarity, patience, and composure for future minds. Each 'Mindful Moment' provides an opportunity for children to learn to regulate their emotions and find calm. You can also incorporate the calcite dome into the practice by placing it near you or holding in whilst carrying out some of the breathing activities.

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