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Rhodonite Jumbo Tumbled Stone | Crystal Warriors by zizou

Designer: Crystal Warriors By Zizou

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Rhodonite Jumbo Tumbled Stone | Crystal Warriors by zizou
Rhodonite is best known as a deep rose-pink stone with black patching and veining that’s commonly associated with unconditional love and forgiveness. There are however different types of Rhodonite, depending on the source and this particular musky pink Rhodonite is from the U.S.A. where it has been previously found with Epidote inclusions. So if you find a little green among the pink – then this is a perfect heart chakra and spiritual heart chakra healing stone.
When our self-worth needs nurturing and our passion needs reigniting, look no further than Rhodonite. It’s an emotionally harmonizing stone that is beneficial for compassion and self-love that heals the heart chakra.
To feel emotionally balanced and soul-nourished, we must fill our own cup. Otherwise, how can we thrive and selflessly give with open hearts to others? Here, Rhodonite is the crystal companion that helps to release doubt, reminding us of our worth and unlimited capacity for forgiveness, kindness, and love. Hold Rhodonite close to your heart and allow its energy to radiate through your heart chakra.
Depending on the location of where it’s found, Rhodonite can also be a combination of pastel pinks, tan and olive green (usually from Epidote). It’s a composition of manganese, calcium silicate, and iron.
Interestingly, Rhodonite is derived from the Greek word ‘rhodo’ which means rose.
 Size :Rhodonite Tumbled Stone Jumbo approximately 4.5 cm x 4 cm ranging from 100-130g.
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