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Enchanted Forest Children's necklace | Crystal Warriors By Zizou

Designer: Crystal Warriors By Zizou

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ENCHANTED FOREST  Junior Necklace - Crystal Warriors By Zizou
This magical necklace holds enchantment power to assist children in their journeys and invites success in new adventures.
Possessing powers of inner growth and strength, whilst encouraging one's self-love and love for others. It is ideal in soothing emotional instability and stress and stabilizes emotions. Recommended for calming sibling rivalry and jealously.
This gender-neutral Necklace uses the power of crystals to assist and guide children to reach their full potential. Also available in a bracelet and Complete Set.
Gemstones used: 
Bloodstone Green- Tourmaline
 Moonstone - Rhodonite
This amazing Necklace for children, made out of quality gemstone chips and rounded beads was created by Crystal Warriors by Zizou. 
This amazing gender- neutral Necklace for children was created by Crystal Warriors By Zizou. Made using quality gemstone chips & rounded gem beads. Each gemstone has been carefully selected to combine each of their unique forces to create powerful results to assist & love our beautiful children through their big adventure called life.
Included is a sweet affirmation on the back of the Necklace holder that your child can display near their place of rest.
I am Kind - I am Brave - I am Loved & I am Me
Size: Junior 32 cm - made using strong elastic string to accommodate various size adjustment. Chip has soft rounded edges for comfort.
Safety: As this Necklace is made using small pieces of gemstones, supervision is recommended.  Remember to remove any jewelry from children when they fall asleep or when unsupervised, and place out of reach close to the area of rest.
Also available: Dream Catcher, Ninja Warrior, Aura Warrior, and in the Bracelet range  & their adorable Organic cotton jersey Tie-Dyed crustal Buddy Plush that has a pouch to house children's magical crystals.
About the Crystal warriors By Zizou Brand
Crystal Warriors By Zizou was created by Zarlah Stevens who was inspired by her little brother's love for all things crystal. Zarlah combines her creativity along with her beautiful watercolour illustration to create a truly magical and enchanting brand purely for the minds of mother nature youngest.
She uses the powers of crystal, along with magical tales to assist and guide children to reach their full potential.
How to care for your Necklace
Here are a few tips on how you can show your child to care for their special Crystal Warrior Necklace.
Believe it or not, stretching it, will in fact shortened the life of your necklace and also course elastic stretching. It will increase its chance for the elastic to break sending your gems flying for the moon on an adventure of their own...