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Daisy Fields in the sun | Eco Baby Bundal

Designer: eco products 4 you

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Daisy Fields in the Sun | Baby Bundle
By Eco Products 4 You
This bundle exudes warmth, loves and joy. Taking inspiration from wildflowers and daisy fields on a warm day. This bundle is joyful and encourages a sense of adventure, expressing one's true self. The daisies blooming represent the growth and innocents of children and the gorgeous smiles on their faces that have the power to light up a whole room.
Finch & Folk Daisy in the field | Organic Muslin Wrap $42.95
The most beautiful and soft Organic bamboo Muslin in Finch & Folks very own hand-drawn design of daisy fields on light rust, terracotta, honey inspired colour. Measuring 100cm x 120cm it's the perfect size for swaddling a baby but also can be used as a lightweight bassinet/cot blanket, pram cover, light play mat when out and about…
Fly Flies By Ziggy Hanaor | A Book about finding your inner strength $19.95
Fly just wants to have fun flying, but everyone she meets thinks she's doing it all WRONG! 
Fly is happily practising her flying in the park. Blackbird, Seagull, Starling and Hawk take turns giving Fly advice about the best way to fly... Fly tries to take their advice on board, but each time finds that this is not HER way to fly. With a sweet, witty twist at the end, this is a delightful book about staying true to yourself in the face of people who insist they know better.
Organic Baby Romper in natural Wheat | Fibre For Good $39.95
Available size 000 - Please message me if you are after a different size
'Fibre for Good' has created the most luxurious organic cotton baby range. Giving a soft cashmere feel. Their colours are naturally occurring, taking place in the cotton-growing places making it perfect for both your baby and our planet.
Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier | Crowned Turmeric $19.95
Hevea Pacifiers are made from natural rubber source from sustainable sources. Coloured using natural pigments such as turmeric to deliver these beautifully breathtaking colours.
Citrine Tumbler | Crystal Warriors $6.00
Citrine emanates positivity and joy. it is linked to boosting joy and optimism, as well as strengthening courage and self-confidence.
For Mother: Citrine is also perfect during the postpartum period, as it assists in re-balancing hormones and encourages self-care.

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