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Mother Nauture

Brave Light | Eco Baby Bundal

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Brave Light | Eco Baby Gift Bundle by Eco Products 4 You

These Boho inspired gender-neutral bundles are a wonderful gift for a growing baby. They exude light and strength. Helping children to grow up brave, free, and true to their inner-selves.

Fly Flies By Ziggy Hanaor | A book about finding your inner strength $19.95

Fly just wants to have fun flying, but everyone she meets thinks she is doing it all WRONG!

Fly is happily practising her flying in the park. Blackbird, Seagull, Starling, and Hawk take turns giving Fly advice about the best way to fly... Fly tries to take their advice on board, but each time finds that this is not HER way to fly. With a sweet, witty twist at the end, this is a delightful book about staying true to yourself in the face of people who insist they know better.

Citrine Tumbler | Crystal Warriors $6.00

Citrine emanates positivity and joy. It is linked to boosting joy and optimism, as well as strengthening courage and self-confidence.

For Mothers: Citrine is also perfect during the postpartum period, as it assists in re-balancing hormones and encourages self-care.

For Babies: Place your Citrine tumbler in the brightest part of your baby's room to reflect suns ray allowing positive energy and good vibes to fill your baby's place of rest.

Organic Muslin Wrap in Bronze | Snuggle Hunny Kids $36.95

This gorgeous Bronze Organic Muslin wrap is by Snuggle Hunny Kids. This multi-use Bronze baby wrap is made from the finest organic cotton muslin and its lightweight and easy to use. My favourite colour of this season, This deep burnt mustard gives a boho warrior vibe.

120 x 120 cm in size making this soft, gentle on babies skin and perfect for any baby or expecting mother. Can be used as a baby swaddle, lightweight blanket, pram blanket, comforter, nursing shield, and change mat.

Bronze Dribble Bib Bandana | Snuggle Hunny Kids $14.95

A soft, absorbent bib in the same enchanting bronze colour of the wrap in this bundle. Add extra style, and help keep your infant's outfit clean and dry. Designed to look less like a bib and more like a trendy accessory, beautiful, beautiful, and practical.

Featuring two adjustable easy snap buttons, soft absorbent cotton front with terry backing.

ONCC Organic Beanie & Singlet | Fibre for Good $39.95

This classic singlet and beanie in natural white are part of the Fibre for Good Heritage Range of evergreen style.

100% hypoallergenic, and made from chemical-free organic natural coloured cotton ONCC. This singlet is great for layering or to wear on those hot summer days.

378 Litres of water was saved producing this garment compared to a commercially produced garment.

The beautiful beanie features double layering for added toastiness.

343 Litres of water was saved producing this garment compared to a commercially produced garment.