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Sweet Native Botanical | Mother & Child Eco Bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Sweet Native Botanical Mother & Baby Eco Bundle

By Eco Products 4 You

Inspired by the breathtaking Australian native Flora, lovingly curated to reflect the tones & colourful display of our Native Australian Botanicals. Filled with Orangic pampering treats for both Mother and Child, Along with the very special & powerful Roze Quartz crystal that symbolizes love whilst strengthing the bond of mother and child.

Let us Explore this Bundle

Australiana Organic Muslin Wrap | Snuggle Hunny Kids $36.95

This soft multi use Australiana baby wrap is made from the finest quality Organic Cotton Muslin. Lightweight, breathable and easy to use. They are super soft and gentle on baby’s skin.  A simple and beautiful way to swaddle your baby. 

Features include:

  • A large 120cm x 120cm in size
  • Lightweight & breathable & Machine washable
  • Multi-use. Baby swaddle, lightweight blanket, pram blanket, comforter, nursing shield, change mat

Organic Natural White Long Sleeve Bodysuit & Beanie | Fibre For Good $44.90

Made from Organic Natural Colour Cotton, meaning that this divine Gender-neutral bodysuit is coloured by nature with no added chemicals or harmful toxins. It is so soft to touch and will be not only comfortable but soothing for your baby.

Size: 000 Please message me if you are after another size ( we are working on adding varieties of sizes)

Watermelon Flower Pacifier | Hevea Plant $19.95

 A breathtaking pacifier from the new colourful range of pacifiers by Hevea Planet. It is completely plant-based, made from 100% natural rubber and FDA-approved natural colour pigments. It is naturally non-toxic and free from baddies, as well as being biodegradable!
HEVEA pacifiers have an easily recognizable with unique shape and brand-distinctive cut-outs, The Watermelon Pacifier has a Flower cut out. Pacifier has a silky smooth touch and is gentle on the baby’s face and teeth, but still resistant to bites. Easy to clean in hot water and totally hygienic due to its seamless design.
Feature: 0-3 months Teat: Round Cut-out Design: Flower Rate of awesomeness: 10/10
For Mother and Baby

The Benefits of Crystals for Babies
When a child is first brought into this world, the environment around them is very stimulating. Everything around them is new, and every sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste is a shock to their fragile nervous system. It is a vulnerable time for baby while they adjust to the intense energies of the world, and crystals can energetically work with them to help this integration be as smooth as possible.
Rose Quartz Jumbo Tumbler | Crystal Warriors $14.95

Rose quartz soothes this survival energy that a baby may feel during this vulnerable time, allowing the baby to feel that there is a strong energy of love around them at all times. The loving energy of rose quartz helps babies feel emotionally balanced. Placing rose quartz crystals under or near a crib or help newborns drift off into a calm, happy sleep. It will also help them absorb the feeling of love as they sleep, making them feel secure even when you are not physically with them. 

For Mother: Relieves anxiety by reasserting boundaries and objectivity.

For Mother & Baby: This helps you form a strong and healthy attachment to your baby, so nursing or rocking your baby near rose quartz is very healing. 

Lavender - cedar wood - sweet orange  soy candle | Lune Essentials $15.95
Lune soy wax candles use a blend of 100% essential oils to help relax and calm the mind and create a comforting space. As a new mother or mother to be, it is important to set your environment with the tools needed to create a relaxing space and atmosphere.
The ancient Egyptians used essential oils for medicinal and spiritual purposes as early as 2000bc. King Tutankhamun in particular, was found to have been buried with over 50 alabaster jars that contained essential oils.10-15 hours of burning time
Ingredient: The smell is amazing, When I first received this item I was amazed by the strength of the aromas. It filled the room with this amazing aroma without even lighting the candle.
Soy Wax, cedarwood, lavender, sweet orange
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