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Mindful Pregnancy | Pregnancy Bundle

Designer: Eco Products 4 you

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Mindful Pregnancy | Pregnancy Bundle by Eco Products 4 You 

A beautiful blend of special items to support your pregnancy. Experience your pregnancy on a deep level. Nurture your self and your baby through this extraordinary time.

The mindful way through pregnancy Book & CD | Susan Piver $27.95

meditation, yoga, and journaling for expectant mothers, includes a CD of guided meditation.

Pregnancy is a time of wonder and of momentous change, both emotionally and physically. For many women, it is a time like no other in their lives, filled with excitement and awe but also with great uncertainty and vulnerability. This book-and-audio program brings together writings and simple daily practices for bringing the transformative power of mindfulness to this special time. The Mindful Way through Pregnancy features:

  • Yoga and meditation teacher Anne Cushman on finding balance amid the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy
  • Author Celia Straus on bonding with your child during pregnancy
  • Yoga teacher Jennifer Brilliant on caring for your changing body
  • Meditation teacher Judith Lief on calming your fears about childbirth and parenthood
  • Author Mimi Doe on setting your intentions for parenthood
  • Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller on mindfulness and the childbirth experience

Also included is an audio CD of guided meditation instruction for four simple meditation practices for expectant mothers. Drawn from the Buddhist tradition, these practices offer different ways to develop a sense of calm well-being throughout pregnancy.

Essential Oil soy wax Candle | Lune Essential $15.00
Each candle is made from 100% EcoSoya wax, using a blend of lavender, orange, and cedarwood essential oils, presented in an amber glass jar. Using essential oils to create an authentic raw aroma. Inhaling essential oil throws is not only a much more holistic option than the synthetic oiled candles but also provides an array of health benefits within the body's nervous system."
Greek Yogurt Nourishing | Organic Sheet Mask Orgaid $9.95

For extra loving! This nourishing mask is infused with Organic Greek Yogurt to supplement essential skin-loving nutrition to stressed-out skin. Whenever you’re in need of some TLC, plop it on for a complexion that’s more conditioned, strengthened, and renewed. Specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology to allow the serum to absorb deeper into the skin.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Nourishes and tightens face with the benefits of Greek Yoghurt
  • Lavender – soothes skin and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates the skin
  • Beta Glucan - conditions the skin Pro-Vitamin B5 and Allantoin - tightens the skin
  • Green Tea and Chamomile – soothes the skin and encourages healing
  • Willow Bark – gently exfoliates and promotes cell turnover
  • Rosehip - moisturizes the skin and lessens the appearance of scars and wrinkles
Skin Type: dull, aging, uneven or just need a nourishing touch

No parabens, No formaldehyde, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No fragrance, No Gluten, No animal testing, Vegan

Full Ingredients List: 
Water, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Lavender Distillate, Vanilla Fruit Distillate, Lactobacillus Ferment, Hyaluronic Acid, Maltodextrin, Beta Glucan, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Allantoin, Greek Yogurt Extract, Arginine, Xanthan Gum, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Willow Bark Extract, Organic Rosehip Extract, Organic Green Tea Extract.

Organic Masala Incense Arabian Oudh By Organic Goodness $3.50

At Eco Products 4 you, we love incense. Delve into the age of old Indian tradition of burning incense - it helps in clearing the mind, heightens the awareness of self during meditation, and creates an aura of positive energy.

These hand-rolled masala incense sticks have been carefully prepared with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts to enable a truly enriching experience.

15G Box (contains approx 15 incense sticks)

Rainbow Moonstone Loveheart crystal | Crystal Warriors $36.95

Moonstone is known as the “goddess stone” and the stone of fertility. It is said to stimulate the pineal gland. As a natural hormone regulator, it is a must-have stone for all women. Fertility is achieved through balanced hormones, increasing the odds of conceiving naturally. Moonstone can help with morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy. It has a soothing energy, easing fear, tension, and stress, making it perfect for impending mothers. During labour, it is believed to help aid contractions. After birth, it is known as a supportive stone for healthy lactation. Moonstone helps with the return to balance post-pregnancy. Known to promote harmony in relationships, moonstone can also provide support in your marriage or partnership. What is not to love about this stone?

Cleansing your Rainbow Moonstone 

You might have already guessed that if you want to cleanse this crystal, you will need to do it in the moonlight rather than the sunlight. By taking proper care of your Moonstone, you will always receive abundance as well as balanced and healing energy.

Cleanse your Moonstone whenever there is a full moon. Also remember to not let it sit too long under the sun; make sure to put it away whenever daylight arrives.

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