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Mindfulness for Children

We always want the best for our children. To shield them & watch them grow up in a world of whimsical wonders. To be intelligent, succeed whilst remaining authentic to their true self, to be kind and blessed in their lives. There are so many things we can do to nurture their physical & spiritual growth. 

We at Eco Products 4 You have created a wonderful space that focuses on the well-being & growth of our children. Explore our beautiful range of mindfulness bundles, empowering & healing crystals, affirmation cards, supporting buddies, enchanting toys & books including our exciting Montessori range. Make your child feel like they can take on the world by strengthening and harnessing their inner beauty.

Help your child to shine their light on this earth and may you watch them flourish.

Wild Child

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Relax Roll-on Perfume by Flaurae

It’s no secret that most of us are running through life, which in any world, results in pure exhaustion sooner or later. We get it, it’s not always possible to take time out to relax when you have a million responsibilities, but there... Read More

Crystal Warriors by zizou

Crystal Warriors by zizou was created by Zarlah Stevens who was inspired by her little brother's love for all things crystal. Zarlah combines her creativity along with her beautiful watercolour illustrations to create a truly magical and enchanting brand purley for the minds of mother nature youngest.

Explore the four magical collections of Children's Gemstone Bracelets and Necklaces consisting of 

Aura Warrior - With its nurturing and protective powers, it is the Guardian Angel of the collection. Aura Warrior maintains and brings emotional calmness , surrounding you with a safe comforting and loving aura.

Dream Catcher - To assist children in overcoming nightmares, depression and negative thinking whilst nurturing and supporting children in times of stress.

Ninja Warrior - Providing children with the strength and courage to venture out into the unknown. Ninja Warrior protects and shields you from negative energy, enabling you to become the ultimate warrior.

Enchanted Forest - To assist children in their journeys and inviting success in new adventures. Processing powers of inner growth and strength. Encouraging self-love and love for others. Recommended for calming sibling rivalry and jealousy. 

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